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(I hope this is the proper way to respond, if not my apologies!). For the Anon who was asking about ways to play D&D online- I've been doing exactly that for around 4 years now, using a combination of Private Iscribble Rooms for the game board, a dedicated room on Rolz. org/group for dice, and skype chat for the roleplay. Maybe a shared google doc for inventory. It's worked really well for us! You just need people to play with!

An excellent suggestion. Dropbox is also a free service that acts like a shared google doc, but with a much more liberal amount of space to work with. You can also pay a monthly fee for bigger space, but honestly the default space they give you is more than enough for all the data you need. I don’t mean to sound like I”m plugging Dropbox, just pointing out that it is a very  useful tool for gaming online.

Gnome Bard, Is there any possible way D&D lovers can use a text based web page such as this or a smart phone ap equipped with Dice roller to pay a game of D&D over the web.. Perhaps all slow like people who play months at a time: or maybe better like one of those stories where each person adds to the next line (except in this case it would have to be more like a paragraph and monitored by a DM) Help me Gnomey Bard Kenobi.. you're my only hope .... ,Kesselmire the Halfing Assassin

Sorry if this has been in my inbox for forever, been really busy/lazy and stuff.

I don’t see why not. Mythweavers is a great site for that kind of thing, but you have to JUMP on those game applications or you miss one of the few windows you have to play.

We were in a bit of a stalemate. It’s been a few years, and I’m still blamed for that death.

Traps and players

Players sometimes become very, very paranoid.

The joys of a bag of holding

Yeah this happened and 2/5 players died afterwards and they lost the bag… it was pretty awful.

Poison and the consequences thereof

Poison has left one of my players scarred for life.

Okay, so I'm a girl, and soon about to move off to college. Sadly, I can't pack up and take my current DnD group with me, much as it would please me. So I was thinking of possibly learning to DM myself. My group always played the Older fashioned DnD, with less math and more role playing. I've also played Parhfinders and Vampire the Masquerade. What game, if not one of these, would you recommend learning first? And how do I learn, besides practicing with a sucker group?

Well if you’re moving off to college you could do what my group does and play over skype. It’s not person-to-person but it works very well if you’re looking to keep the same group of people. I’ve only played 3.5 and 4th ed. when it comes to D&D so I’m not sure how much more simple or complex those versions are compared to the ones you like playing. 3.5 goes into a lot of depth when it comes to character creation and 4th ed is very ‘balanced’ for lack of a better word. 3.5 is much more complex to set up and its battle system is fairly slow, wheras 4e you can pick up fairly quickly and the battle system has been refined to such a science that it’s very fast paced. But these are just the ones that I’ve played, so again I’m not too sure how they compare to your preferred editions. As basic as it sounds, the DMGs have a lot of insight into the nuances of DMing and I would highly suggest reading those. If there isn’t a DMG for the particular edition you’re familiar with, pick up the ones for 3.5e and have a read through them- I’m sure you’ll be able to apply some of what they’ll tell you in there to any edition you play. If you’re just starting out DMing, the best advice I could give you is to either A) play a canned adventure like Dragonlance or Planescape or B) Hardcore prepare your own campaign in advance for the group. The reason for this is that when I see new DMs(myself included) they’ll typically make stuff up on the spot and while that works for people who are good at improvisation and ad libbing, I find a lot of comfort in knowing that practically anything that the party could possibly do is accounted for in-text. It’s also very VERY important to remember PC names. I know it sounds extremely basic but if you don’t at least accomplish that, you’ll end up alienating the people whose characters you don’t remember. If you have to, write a chart of the players and their characters so if you forget, you can just look at it and go “Oh yeah, he was this person”. Good luck in both finding a group and in college.

Zombies Kill

Zombies have almost never ever been a challenge, well until this happened.

Deathly Dungeon Crawl

Had this happen not to long ago, never ever split up! At least not when a Golem is poking around.


I think we’ve all played with a greedy bastard… or been that greedy bastard at one point or another.